Chef’s Preference: Kam Tom of New Haven’s Three Sheets aims to be the king of bar pub food in Elm City

“Three Sheets is one of the most underrated kitchens in town.” I walked to Three Sheets on Elm Street to meet Kam Tom, who writes the menu and runs the kitchen. “The food I cook is what I would want to eat at a bar,” Tom continued, “Our burger meat is grass-fed and comes from a farm in Connecticut. He said he has seen the clientele of Three Sheets change a lot since he started and likes it because food orders at Three Sheets has nearly tripled with the latest wave.

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Three Sheets: A 'Gastrodive' With 'Stupid Good' Food

The building at 372 Elm St. in New Haven holds decades of history as a watering hole for townies and Yalies alike, from its days as the original location of Rudy's, to its housing of Elm Bar, to its current incarnation as Three Sheets. The decor has changed a bit over the years, but the place essentially feels like the same, familiar dive we've all known and loved, although Three Sheets feels much friendlier than my experiences with Elm Bar.

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Three Sheets: Fresh Food with Bar Atmosphere

It may come as a surprise to find the freshest local shellfish in town is being served at an Elm Street bar called Three Sheets, at the original site of the neighborhood fixture, Rudy’s.

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Three Sheets Review: Friendly Neighborhood Gastropub

Tucked away on Elm Street in New Haven is a tiny unassuming “friendly neighborhood gastropub” called Three Sheets. It has gone through many changes over the years, under different names and different locations, but today it is a cozy, welcoming dive bar with a creative atmosphere.

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2 Fishermen Take Over “O.G. Rudy’s”

Three years after their beloved tavern was booted from its historic home, two former Rudy’s regulars have opened a new bar in the old Elm Street building—and launched an effort to “rebuild” a neighborhood institution.

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Elm Street bar opens anew

Yale students returning to campus can add another bar to their late night repertoire. Two former Rudy’s patrons have opened up a new bar called Three Sheets at 372 Elm St., the former home of Rudy’s Restaurant and Bar.

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