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Louie Louie / Giving Up /The Grand Prix

Jun 5, 2017 @ 8:00 pm  —  Jun 6, 2017 @ 12:00am


(Fresh off of a tour supporting Beach House!!!)
Louie Louie is an all female rock group from Philadelphia whose music captures ones desire for familiarity and takes it to unknown places. It’s clear Louie Louie champions the classics and the weirds. Their obvious influences are 60’s rock, 70’s punk, Motown, Spector and Meek productions, surf and noisier experimental sounds, all of which you may hear on their debut LP Friend Of A Stranger, released earlier this year on Born Losers Records. Both live and recorded, the group explores the dualities of human nature while expressing a strong connection to the mysteries of outer space. They wear a wardrobe of handmade costumes by drummer Jenna Robb and invite the audience to witness organic performances rather than a walled spectacle.
Louie Louie

GIVING UP IS UP IS CUTE AND GROSS. here are words about our band but also about our new tape… Giving Up return to proper form for their 2016 tour “10 Song Cassette” — lifelong homeys howling their ruff and wrung-neck brand of L-U-V songs into a self-contained karaoke unit, mixing red wine with tequila either on stage or under a sleeping bag, bangin’ out hit after ever-hissing hit, passing out with a full bowl in the microwave and a Radio Shack mic in the crotch of their underpants — the way GAWD intended ’em to when he or she ripped Fat Bopper out of the sky and made Iowa punk in the first place.

Here we see the band in their most comfortable incarnation, in considering the last decade of efforts (and counting). 10 tracks, as the title might imply, straight to tape — leaky outtakes of “Twin Infinitives”-meet-Fiona Apple art/junk collage-pop, mangled demos, live shit, trash riffs, cover goofs, and good-natured, soulfully for-real tomfoolery from the depressingly bright lights of open-mic nights to the cool, damp darkness of their parents’ garages. This is the sound of friendship being used (with the help of guitars, organs, other things) as a tool to disarm. It’s no shortage of a good time to be had here, but there’s a certain sense of opposition on the songs at hand. A lingering tension, faced one day at a time by booking tours, pacing apartments, making dinner.

And while Giving Up’s music may share the same treehouses as the Half Japs and Black Tambourines of the world, with perhaps a more-than-subtle scent of fumes from the Lookout Records catalog burning in the bonfire below, band members Mikie Poland, Jenny Rose, Sean Roth, and the seemingly constant auxiliary scab/fam that always keeps their company have something ELSE, something OTHER, something RAW with an unidentifiable, inimitable charm which cannot be mistaken as anything but what it is — midwestern power-rock with an oversized heart and an empty glass — made by buddies, for buddies, and (whether Michigan J. Frog is listening or not) you can be in on it too.

The live debut of Jeff Anderson (Zero Years) and Jacob M. Calo’s (Wisdom is Lost) new band! Going after the Halo Benders/Silver Jews (Malkmus era) two main vocals prototype, they enlisted sensual contempories Jed Calo (Zero Years) and Jason Bascom (The Beatles*) to help flesh out their mid-tempo rock. Tailor made for sad dads, bad grads, and mean mothers. If you like ride cymbals and floor toms keeping a hard beat over some melodic tremoloed out 90s guitars, boy oh boy are you in for a treat!

*To be fact checked later

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